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how the visual medium works, and

we can make it work for you.



Our words stick -- because we

write like we talk and we talk

like we mean business.



Our campaigns don't hover around

       aimlessly -- they simply click.
       More focus, more conversion.



   To help you position your

   brand and promote your

   services and products in

   an effective manner.

Epic Productions offers a diverse range of digital marketing services to increase ROI and generate quality leads. No matter your business goals and objectives, our team of experienced online marketers can help extend your reach in the digital space.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Video Display & YouTube Advertising

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Website Design & Development

  • Online Reputation Management



To bolster the reach and
effectiveness of your company’s communication strategy.

Data tells but stories sell, so let Epic take your audience on the best adventure with our corporate video production services and sell your product or service. We can create any type of video you want or that would represent your brand best. Some of the top corporate video trends include animation, 360 degree and customer journey videos, all of which we specialize in! Corporate videos are crucial when showcasing your brand and engaging with your target market. In today’s digital era, forming that bond with audience is key.
Video Duration: 15 M to 25 M






Show off your spectacular
range of products to existing
customers and potential buyers.

There is no product too complex and with our professional and creative team, we will design a plan that will turn potential consumers into leads and those leads into buyers. Product demonstration videos help potential buyers visualize the product or service in action. It provides them a better understanding of what it is you have to offer. Having this video on your home page will also keep visitors on your website longer. Look at some of our best product demo video examples below!

Video Duration: 02 M to 05 M


advet logo.png



     Crisp and carefully crafted
     videos for broadcasting to
     a broader audience.

CWE Productions began in broadcast television and continues to be the expert in commercial video production. Offering affordable media buys and competitive advertising strategies. Very few commercial video production companies have produced and placed a Super Bowl Commercial, Epic has done both. Commercial video production and traditional advertising continue to be in high demand regardless of the digital era. Understanding that in thirty seconds creating a great television commercial that an audience recalls later is essential to your bottom line. In addition, you need to know when and where to place your spot on-air for best results. The purchase of media isn’t one size fits all, our media buying experts will keep you informed throughout the process.

     Video Duration: 30 S to 02 M


CWE creates high-end, creative & stunning animations in Mumbai. Visualizing the regular, artistically.

our award-winning art department has all the 2D and 3D animation chops necessary to make animation videos come to life including explainer videos. From lower thirds to 3D logo intros and kinetic typography, Epic’s familiar with all animation techniques to bring your project to life. Animation videos and explainer videos are some of the most creative types of videos on the market. Our in-house Art Department works with the most advanced programs in the industry, which allows us to guarantee top of the line work. Animation and motion graphics add a competitive and creative advantage, keeping your audiences engaged. Whether you need an animated explainer video, whiteboard video, product video or corporate video, the opportunities are endless in the motion graphics world. Animation videos are a special type of storytelling. Have a complex or confusing product or service to display? Creative animation videos have the capability of demonstrating and explaining it in quick and easy format. That’s the beauty of animation videos.

Animation video duration: 02 M to 08 M


We understand Google logistics & design a Digital Ad that brings traffic to your website & fits your brand perfectly.

People’s attention spans nowadays are worse than a goldfish’s memory, so capture their attention with moving images and sound to relay all the crucial aspects of your product in a minute or less. Product demo videos are an effective way of showcasing your latest and greatest product or service. Online consumers who view a web product video are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors. Whether you are a B2B or B2C, Epic Productions specializes in producing comprehensive product videos that are true to your brand’s story. Engaging audiences and connecting your brand through strategy and content marketing is what we do daily. There is no product too complex and with our professional and creative team, we will design a plan that will turn potential consumers into leads and those leads into buyers.

Digital Ads duration : 20 S to 45 S


* Taxes will be added to the final cost as per statutory norms.