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Getting Started

Discover CWE and let us be your guide

What is the CWE ?

Creative Wise Entertainment is an online platform that aims to connect creatives and big brands.


Initially based on crowdsourcing, the collection of content made by creatives, CWE has evolved by building a huge community of creatives that generate digital content for our clients, through open projects, private projects, and direct production.

At CWE, we believe in talent and its enhancement. We work every day to give new tools to our CWE Members, to help them grow, get to know each other, and to improve their skills.

We built up a network of professionals with whom we collaborate to carry out high-level projects, and we are always looking for new creatives, agencies, and freelancers to create quality content.

In short, we are a large network of creative people, including filmmakers, photographers, graphic designers, and everyday people who want to get involved and demonstrate their creativity in order to give brands what they need.

How does CWE work?

The brand involved will create a brief to let you know all the info you'll need create a successful and complete submission; tone of voice, concept, and the type of contents you will need. The client will evaluate your submission and decide if it's the right one for them.

If your content is selected for an award, the client will obtain the exclusive rights to your project/content and they will be free to publish it through their channels.

Obviously, CWE is so much more! Take a look at the other FAQ's to find out all the ways you can work with us!

What should I do if I need help?

First of all, we suggest you to carefully consult our FAQ section. It is constantly updated and built specifically to give you all the answers you need to orient yourself and become familiar with CWE.
Each category of the FAQ contains several sections within which you will find numerous questions and answers divided by subject.
If you have doubts or are uncertain about something specific, the CWE team is always available to answer you through all our channels: e-mail, live chat, forum, and Facebook page.
You can contact us and we will help you ASAP.

Participate in a project

Open Projects
What is an open project?

An open project is a Creative Wise Entertainment project that allows members of the community to participate in a sort of creative "competition," submitting their creations to the project's promoters in order to win awards.

In this project type all information regarding the request is visible and available to our community users. There are projects for video production, graphics, photographic, concept, and production of logos.

You can find all the details about the projects by clicking directly on the icon of the project, after logging in; here you can read the brief, download the materials, discover the budget available and interact with the other participants and CWE through the dedicated forum.

How can I join an open project?

Participating in projects is really easy; just sign-in and with your credentials and automatically gain access all open projects. By doing this you can see the list of all open projects active on CWE.

Can I use content taken from the web in my submissions?

All content downloaded from the internet that you use within your submission must be provided with a regular license for commercial use, whether they are music tracks, video clips, photos, graphics and so on...

Using content downloaded freely from the web (Google, Youtube, and other online sources) is not allowed, even if they have the "copyright free" indication. 

This is because copyright legislation is complex and these terms very often do not reflect the requirements necessary to have the effective permission to use the content for commercial purposes.

All the content that you find on the internet in fact are made by someone - the author - who has rights on such contents and it is necessary to ask thier permission to use them.

If you have any doubt about the content allowed, you can contact the CWE staff by writing to

We will give you all the necessary support to understand how to best prepare your content.

Can I use materials taken from the web in my submissions if I modify them?

The idea that altering contents taken from the web (modifying them partially, making a collage, creating a new video, creating an illustration and so on) makes them free from rights, is incorrect.

Modifying a content means creating a derivative work; and to create an authorized derivative work it is necessary to ask permission from the author or to have a specific license of use.

We therefore recommend that you always create original content or, if the project brief allows you, to go to stock platforms whose contents can be used for commercial purposes. 

Can I use content with a watermark?

It is not possible to use content with watermark in the submission for any projects in which you are asked to present finished content, whether it is a photo, a graphic, a video etc.

The only case in which you can insert content with the watermark is for concept projects and ideas where the images/videos are for explanatory purposes only and remain for internal use.

For the rest we look for original content or licensed (when allowed).

How many creatives are chosen to participate in a private project?

The number of creatives invited to participate in a private project is directly dependent on the needs of the client. CWE may invite anywhere from 1-30 creatives/teams to participate in a private project. In order to be invited, you much first be approved as a CWE VIP Member. 

How do I submit a proposal for a private project?

To submit to a private project, you must first be invited to that project by a CWE Project Manager. You will be invited via your CWE profile on the website, and provided with the project brief and outlines of the pitch (if required). You can submit your proposal/pitch on the website once you have accepted the invite to the project.

How can I participate in a private project?

If you would like to be considered for private projects, you must first apply to become a CWE VIP Member. You can do a mail on this mail id-

If you are selected to be a VIP Member, CWE will reach out to you with any private project opportunities we think you would be a good fit for. Make sure to fill out your CWE Profile as thoroughly as possible so we can link you up with the best projects!

What is a private project?

Private Projects are for clients who are looking to keep their project confidential and retain creative control while still receiving a variety of ideas. Typically the first step will be for creatives to create a pitch that is tailored to the client's vision. The client will then select their favorites and produce them within a predetermined budget and timeline.

The song used is in the public domain. Can I use it freely?

No one can claim ownership of a song in the public domain, therefore public domain songs can be freely used with no fees or royalties payable to anyone.

However it is important to remember that there are "performance rights", which must be paid to any performer of the song (orchestra, ensemble, musician, etc.).

Therefore make sure that the version of the track in your possession also respects the related rights of execution.

Once you have ascertained that the song is actually in the public domain, check the corresponding box ("The audio and the music are in the public domain. I enclose proof of this.") in the copyright sheet and remember to attach the proof (screenshot, e-mail, document ...) that confirms it is.

What kind of license do I need in order to use a song on CWE?

Most of the sites that provide "royalty free" songs offer a license called "Standard" or even "Regular" which ensures you can use the song for commercial purposes.
In general, we suggest that you carefully read the licenses of each site that may present specific variants.
If you have used a Creative Commons track, make sure that the license is for commercial use, otherwise you will not be able to use it.
Then remember to flag the corresponding entry ("The audio and music are available for use under the Creative Commons license and the license or proof of the license is attached.") in the copyright sheet that you send us, together with the proof of the license.

Can I use an already existing track, but performed by me?

If you have performed a cover of an existing song but you don't have the rights of the original one, you will not be able to use it for the project.

For more information on copyright visit our copyright section. 

I've forgotten to write, or incorrectly written the title or the description of my work, how can I resolve?

You can edit / integrate the title or description of your creativity simply by going to the Portfolio section of your Profile and clicking on "Edit" above the preview of the creativity you want to edit.

What does it mean that I can't use more than 20% of Stock material?

The total of your video must consist of at least 80% of original footage and a maximum of 20% from stock clips (acquired with a regular license of use).

What do I have to send once I have purchased the content?

Most stock images sites provide a license that ensures you can use the clip / image purchased for commercial purposes.

In general, we suggest you carefully read the licenses of each site that may present specific variants.

Once you have purchased the license, you will have to flag "In the video there are clips acquired by license and this license is shown on the following page." on the Declaration on video content and attach the license purchased on the next page of the same declaration.

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